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EDA Project - Austrian DSOs use Ponton X/P

July 2, 2013: Switching the supplier for gas or power leads to a complex business process between new and old supplier as well as the distribution system operator (DSO). 15-30 document transfers need to be performed per switching process. As in other Ponton X/P projects with user communities, standardisation aspects such as unified document formats, unified business processes and a well defined communication protocol are essential across the entire sector.

Ponton X/P is used for more than 90% of the Austrian metering points by suppliers and DSOs. Key requirements of the EDA user group (EDA = "Energiewirtschaftlicher Datenaustauch") was the fact that Ponton X/P could be used without changes. Requirements like encryption, electronic signing, robustness, capability for mass data processing were met in a load test that exceeded expected load by a magnitude. Moreover, Ponton operates central parts of the EDA communication infrastructure.

Weitere Informationen finden sich here (in German).