More than 250 Customers use Ponton X/P world-wide - and more than 30 of the Global 500 enterprises
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Ponton X/P

Whenever businesses exchange data and documents, it is necessary to protect the transport over the Internet and make the submission and reception transparent and verifiable. Ponton X/P is used as general-purpose tool for true end-to-end security:

  • Encrypt and electronically sign documents, so that trade secrets will remain protected from third parties,
  • Exchange some 100,000 documents daily and reliably, including documents with a file size of 1 GB,
  • Flexibly use different communication protocols such as FTP, HTTP (S), SMTP (s), AS1-3, ebXML and since 2014 also AS4 - whatever the counterparty or process requires,
  • Connect client systems in a straight-though fashion over firewalls and proxies,
  • Provide detailed transmission and transmission monitoring for users and administrators as required.
  • Enable whole groups of business partners to get integrated over the Internet quickly and efficiently in a sustainable fashion using flexible licensing processes.

In this way, Ponton is the preferred solution partner of international consortia such as papiNet and EFETnet, which include more than 150 participants transferring orders, shipping documents, warehouse views, trade confirmations, etc. on a daily basis in a safe and reliable manner.
Ponton X/P consists of two elements

  • Messenger for validation, authentication, compression, encryption and transmission ofdocuments
  • Listener as a bridgehead in the DMZ